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Technology Comparison of Lightning Protection Systems: Faraday versus Preventor





» Requires a myriad of cable networks on roof

» Protects only the structure to which it is affixed

» More costly

» Requires numerous downleads to ground

» Requires a multitude of penetrations thru-roof

» A static device, reportedly will not aid as anti-interference device

» Tendency toward disturbing aesthetic qualities of architectural design

» Multitude of sharp pointed air terminals on roof can prove to be dangerous to maintenance personnel or others with roof access.

» When installed in accordance with Manufacturer's Standard and instructions, provides ten million dollar insurance coverage which backs manufacturer's guarantee

» Less costly; a better value

» Generally requires no more than two (2) downleads to ground

» Three primary components, less cable is required

» Generally requires no more than two penetrations in roof

» Ten million dollar product insurance included in base price

» Low maintenance and easy modifications in event of building additions

» Acts as anti-interference device for most communication systems

» Aesthetically a better choice

» Unit is safer for maintenance personnel and others with roof access. Fully supported by twenty-five years of successful performance by literally thousands of ESE systems installed