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Judgment and Court Order

We have redesigned our website and our advertising to fully comply with the accompanying order and judgment issued in Heary Bros. Lightning Protection Co., Inc. et al. vs. Lightning Protection Institute, East Coast Lightning Equip. Co., Inc., et al. (D. Ariz. Sept. 17, 2005).

If you wish to review the decision dated September 9, 2005 with respect to the order, the text of the decision also is available for download below.

We note that the decision makes clear that the court has made no ruling as to the safety of either traditional multipoint systems or ESE systems, and the court actually denied the requests of our competitors to rule that ESE Systems are unsafe. Moreover, the court also expressly indicated that it was not restraining in any respect the method of installation and design of ESE systems.

If our competitors have stated or implied otherwise, they are not being honest with you and we suggest you read the text of attached decision itself. Simply click on 'judgment-and-court-order.pdf' below to read, in sequence, the Judgment, the Order and the text of the decision.


» Judgment-And-Court-Order.pdf   [Acrobat PDF, 1.6 MB]